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For those who are willing to help

We propose all the volunteers who are willing to help people in need by labor, sharing experience or knowledge, to join us

Your info:
First Name:
Surname/Family Name:
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Place of Residence:
Place of Work:
Current Position at work:
Marital Status:
Telephone Number: Home, Cell phone.
E-mail Address:
Male   |   Female
Willing to provide financial assistance (sponsorship)

What kind of work could you perform?
Willing to participate in educational cognitive activities
Willing to participate in creative charity events
Willing to participate in ecological charity activities
Could provide legal consultation
Could provide psychological assistance
Could assist in agricultural works
Willing to help old and disabled people
Willing to help orphans and vulnerable children periodically
Willing to help by transportation means periodically
Willing to participate in drug abused rehabilitation activities
Willing to participate in reconstruction works

What other means of assistance could you provide?
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