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Public Association - “Erisshvilebi”


Mission: Care for each citizen and Georgia


Motto – United Society for Independent Georgia


Objectives: Charity and other kind of support for citizens, assist for solving the problems having state significance


Ways for achieving the objective: Formation of voluntary movement, creation and support of effective mechanisms of mutual aid, cognitive-education activity,

usage of various instruments of citizens` direct participation in the process of solving the questions having state significance


Nowadays there is the hardest situation in Georgia. There is crisis in all spheres of public life, these are: political, economical, social or demographical situation.

Perspectives and means for restoring the territorial unity of Georgia are quite unclear and obscure. Condition of natural environment is sorrowful, which feels intensive degradation. Drug addiction is the greatest problem; according to the indices Georgia holds one of the leading positions among the world countries. 

According on above said, our association, “Erisshvilebi” declares that the creation and strengthening of effective mechanism of mutual aid of citizens on the principles of volunteering is important for formation of Georgia as democratic and independent state, as well execution of actions required for ensuring the citizens` direct participation in resolving the important questions for state.

One of the fundamental directions of our activity will be charity, which will be based on voluntary action of citizens. We popularize the idea of volunteering, we organize the professional groups of volunteers. In that way the citizens will be given the opportunity to help the individuals as well as the state in general by executing their moral vocation.

We consider that in this way we can give great contribution in resolving several important questions.

We present our ближайший plans below:


1) For the purpose of peaceful restoration of territorial unity of Georgia, “Erisshvilebi” intends to execute the joint educational programs for youths residing in conflict zone in tourist zones existing on territory of Georgia, which will be based on popularization of historical-legal cut. We also plan to create the expert groups on the principles of voluntary, which will work out the lots of recommendations, which will support the rapprochement of Georgian, Abkhazian, Ossethian and other ethnic origins of Georgian citizens, accordingly the settlement of problem about restoring the Georgian territorial unity.

2) We intend to mobilize the volunteer lawyers, teachers and other specialists in order to work out and execute educational-cognitive programmes of civil and legal education. In the bounds of these programmes we will hold the lessons and seminars; as well we will publish the information and cognitive literature of appropriate content. We also plan to work out and execute other kind of educational programmes with the same method.

3) We have lots of initiatives, which are referred to recovery sphere of natural environment of Georgia. For this purpose lots of professional and unprofessional groups of volunteers will be formed, who participates as in theoretical as practical workings.  

4) We will form the medical qualification, as well representation groups of other sphere, who work in the direction of citizens` support of different appropriate categories.

5) Voluntary groups will be created, who participates in the activity related to care of cultural heritage monuments, their restoration under proper supervision.

6) We have a wish to support the programme of Patriarchate of Georgia about rehabilitation of diseased people with drug addiction. For achieving this purpose we are ready to participate in execution of this noble mission directly by our working. For example: to help priests to ensure diseased people with required living conditions (to make tent, arrange the dining-rooms and etc.)

7) For the purpose of support the village inhabitants and resolving the problem with demographic character we intend to support the village inhabitants in right organization of private economy. Specialists with proper qualification on the principles of voluntary will help the population in a way of consultation free of charge in labour organization and marketing. We will also support them in execution of wide-scale one-time workings by point of view direct physical working.

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