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The main purpose of the organisation is to promote the idea of charity

Georgian Volunteer’s charitable association

All of us are able to provide aid to people who are in need: by working physically, sharing our knowledge and experience or just expressing moral support. “Erisshvilebi” is the first volunteers’ association in Georgia. Our organization doesn’t aim to have political objectives. Its membership involves no obligations. Participation in any kind of our activities is based on enthusiasm and free-will. “Erisshvilebi” coordinates the activities of people who want to support others and connects those who need aid, with those who are willing to assist. We, the members of “Erisshvilebi”, consider, that today, when Georgia is still trying to overcome difficulties, volunteering, solidarity and compassion could be a powerful means in struggling with poverty and of the revival of the country. In this way, we intend to contribute to our country. It is the opportunity to be involved in the process of building prosperous Georgia.

Non-governmental organization “Erisshvilebi” was founded in July 2009 by Ramaz Bezhanishvili, Mamuka Mchedlishvili, Andro Zedginidze and Shota Bezhanishvili.. The idea emerged in the saint George monastery in Mleta, where we were working physically during one weekend. Our enthusiasm encouraged the villagers and other guests of monastery to join us. That very day gave us positive impulse and we decided to create our organization, to encourage and give others the opportunity to unselfishly help people.


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Georgia, Tbilisi 2014
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